Detailing Brush Ultra Soft High Density With Lid

Palm grip for maximum pressure control
Perfect storage solution
Ultra-Soft Synthetic Bristles for Light Cleaning
Comfortable, Ergonomic Grip
Scratch Free Cleaning for Exterior and Interior
Chemical Resistant Handle
Metal Free Construction


Compact design enables this cleaning brush to go deep into the hidden corners and gaps to effectively clean the dust.
With ultra soft bristle design, this cleaning brush can allow you to remove the dust effortlessly without scratching the surface of your beloved car.
Made of high-quality nylon and plastic material, it is reliable and durable.
The length of the product is 7.4cm, the width is 3.2cm, and the height is 6.3cm.
It is suitable for cleaning air conditioner vents, dashboard, car interior gap and so on.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Details Material Features
MC044 7.4cm x 3.2cm x 6.3cm Nylon, Plastic Ultra Soft, Comfortable Grip, Anti-scratch
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