Soft Leather & Fabric Drill Brush Set

Product Introduction



Made of 100% polypropylene – the most durable material for brushes

Stiff enough to remove old stains, but soft enough to prohibit damage

Perfect for light duty scrubbing of cloth or vinyl convertible roofs



Easily lift and extract unwanted spots from convertible roofs, delicate carpets, and automotive upholstery and leather. The high-speed rotation of a cordless drill combined with our high-quality Soft Leather & Fabric Drill Brush Set makes gentle cleaning more efficient.

Whether for an exterior or interior car detail, Maxclean’s Detailing Brushes are essential for an efficient car cleaning. Mobile detailers, detail shops, and home users can get a car interior clean faster, and those extremely dirt exterior spots shining with ease. Get a hand car wash without tiring or jamming your fingers. Maxclean Detailing Brushes are the perfect companion in any auto detailing.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Dimension Bristle Dia Material
MC030-50 50mm/2″, Thread M8 0.2mm Soft Transparent Bristle
MC030-100 100mm/4″, Thread M8 0.2mm Soft Transparent Bristle
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