X-Large Premium Car Duster

Removes dust quickly, without scratching your paint
This larger duster is great for use on SUV’s, motorhomes and hard to reach areas in the home or garage
Extends time between car/truck/SUV/trailer/RV washes
Saves time, money and water
Special wax treated 100% cotton mop lifts dust and does not move it around
#1 choice of diehard car detailers, car enthusiasts and casual vehicle owners
This model features an extended wood handle and extended 360 degree mop
Includes a carrying case/storage bag

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X-Large Premium Car Duster is an oversized, round duster with a larger mop and a longer reach.

Just like its duster counterparts, TheX-Large Premium Car Duster will lift and remove dust, not just push it around the vehicle’s surface.

It works perfectly for larger vehicles such as SUVs, pick-up trucks, and RVs.

Measures 30″ long. Comes in a handy carrying case.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Length Width Bristle Length Handle Length Material
MC067 76cm 16cm 10.6cm 43cm Cotton Bristles+ Wooden Handle
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